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Opening Night - Mistresses
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 13
"Till Death Do Us Part"
Original Air Date:

Tensions rise as Joss' engagement party approaches, April relies on Daniel and Karen awaits her HIV test results on Mistresses.

A Shirtless Scott - Mistresses
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 12
Original Air Date:

April tries to protect Lucy while working with the FBI, a former lover causes Karen to do some soul searching, while Savi and Zack go on a real date on Mistresses.

Harry and the Blonde - Mistresses
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 11
Original Air Date:

April must deal with another betrayal while Karen gets an unexpected offer from Jacob. Dom goes all out to beat Toni at her own game and Joss has an announcement for her friends on Mistresses.

Meeting the Family - Mistresses
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

Karen blurs the lines once again between doctor and patient. April finds out who is stalking her and Toni's true agenda becomes clear on Mistresses.

Harry and Joss
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 9
"Coming Clean"
Original Air Date:

April's past comes back to haunt her, Savi reaches out to her father, and Toni has some surprising news for Dom on Mistresses.

Help Savi Say Goodbye
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 8
"An Affair to Surrender"
Original Air Date:

The girls get together to help Savi say goodbye to her home on Mistresses.

Savi's Secret
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 7
"Why Do Fools Fall in Love?"
Original Air Date:

Dom finds out about Savi's secret, April decides to tell Daniel the truth about her past, Scott's job has complications for her and Joss and Jacob has news for Karen on Mistresses.

Karen's Complicated Life
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 6
"What Do You Really Want"
Original Air Date:

Savi has a revelation as her divorce nears, Joss gets surprising news from Harry, while Karen's double life gets complicated on Mistresses.

Savi Gets Reckless
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 5
"Playing With Fire"
Original Air Date:

Savi's reckless side comes out when dealing with Zack while Dom deals with the fall out at work of having made his relationship with Savi public on Mistresses.

Savi Meets Someone New
Watch Mistresses Season 2 Episode 4
"Friends With Benefits"
Original Air Date:

Karen's dating life hits rock bottom while Joss unexpectedly meets a handsome plastic surgeon and Savi makes a connection with yet another man on Mistresses.

Mistresses Quotes

Customer: Is this the sexy sheet section?
April: This is the satin section. What's sexy to one person is a slippery elbow in the face to someone else.

Savi: Where's your wedding ring?
Harry: It's in my pocket.
Savi: Put it on.