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- The same murder weapon is used in an national security case in Los Angeles and to kill a marine in Idaho. Sam and Callen head to Idaho to work with an NCIS mobile team, called Red Team.

- They find the murdered Marine's phone at the crime scene and trace his murder to a video he took of a man. They track this mystery man, Spears, to LAX. He killed a TCA officer to assume his identity. NCIS is able to intercept his team before they can complete their task, but Spears gets away.

- Eric traces a satellite phone call between Spears and an unknown man. On the call, the man tells Spears where to hide out. Red Team heads to find Spears, while Sam and Callen interrogate the captured associate to find out who Spears was talking to on the phone.

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I also wanted to add that I'd love to see more NCIS: Los Angeles and Hawaii Five - O tie-ins.


I could totally see Red Team become the latest incarnation within the NCIS franchise. Besides, what went into building that mobile op center shouldn't be limited to just 2 episodes! It's like NCIS meets Transformers... just kidding. Still, it would be cool to see and the personal dynamic between a team that lives and works in such close quarters would be much different than any investigative team on the small screen.


Who was the red-headed, red bearded actor on the red team? Can't find his name anywhere. His picture is here, but no name. Think his character name was Dave.