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- With Ari in Division's custody, Amanda goes after his son, Stefan, as leverage to use against him. Nikita and Alex set out to find and protect Stefan. They find him and go to a secret location to create papers for him. Since Amanda knows Division protocols, she is able to determine the prime area they would hide in and then track Division's actions to protect them during a police search. Amanda and her goons attack Nikita and Alex, while capturing Stefan. Amanda goes after the boy, while Nikita and Amanda fight it out until Stefan's protector overtakes them. He ties them up to find out where Stefan has been taken. He leaves to work with Alex to retrieve Stefan, leaving Amanda and Nikita behind. They start a fire and are rescued. Stefan is saved by his guardian, while Alex stands guard and taken into police custody. Nikita goes to get Alex, but Amanda finds her first and abducts her.


- At Division, Owen is upset he was sidelined from the mission. He wants to find out about his past and Amanda has the answers. Instead, he interrogates Ari and knocks him out, which jeopardizes Stefan's rescue. Michael puts him on leave.

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Just watched "Reunion" ... I'm without words. I'm becoming so jaded. There's only a few shows out there today that's not entirely full of crap! It's annoying to watch a show that is fuking predictable! Who was surprised that Amanda appeared and got the 'upper' hand at the end of the show? Anyone surprised at that? I would have been ecstatic if she had not simply because that WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PREDICTABLE! This is not the ONLY show that is completely BORING by being predictable so much of the time. Revenge, Hawaii 5.0, The Following, Touch, Falling Skies, Revolution have all been disappointing. Homeland, Covert Affairs, Person of Interest, Elementary and few others have had a few good plot twists and surprises to keep them fresh.
Truthfully, if the writing in general does not improve the whole industry is in jeopardy.

Nikita Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Sorry, about your face. When I break these chains, I'll even out the other side.


Nikita: No boys needing rescuing. Maybe one.
Alex: There's always one.