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Jamie comes in second place at the spelling bee then rides home with Miss Lauren, Chuck and Madison.  On the way home from the bee, Nathan and Haley get a flat tire and have no cell service, so Nathan changes it himself.

Julian wants to move back to Los Angeles and Brooke doesn't so she goes out for a drive.  She runs into Jamie and his crew who got into a major car accident.  She gets Chuck, Madison and Lauren out of the car, who then drive to the hospital.

Brooke continues to try and get Jamie out of the car, Julian shows up to help, and another car slams Brooke and Jamie off the bridge they crashed on. Julian saves them both, although Brooke was unconscious for quite a while.

Quinn's all alone at the beach house because Clay is away.  Katie shows up and attempts to kill her.  After a vicious battle, Quinn ends up shooting her in the chest in the bedroom.

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question.... Where did Payton and Lucas go? I got into this show in much later seasons, so last I saw was the baby Lucas and Peyton driving away. Were we to assume they were just not coming back? I love this show!!!! LOVE IT!!! Ellen


This is why One Tree Hill is and will always be my favorite show!!!♥ I can't even imagine this show without Brooke so when Jamie told Haley "Aunt Brooke is dead" I nearly broke down. this show never fails to make me laugh, cry, scream or whatever... The only thing that would make it better was Lucas and Peyton returning even for one episode. ♥♥♥


i now know why i love this show so muchh..♥


I loved this episode it had me on the edge of my seat and the Bruilian moments were heartbreaking and beautiful one of the best Iv'e seen I'm really loving this season.

One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

Nathan: This is so A Christmas Story. Back in the car, Ralphie.
Haley: Sorry.

Jamie: So? Chuck and Madison are going.
Haley: Chuck's mom's an alcoholic.