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A passenger suffers a heart attack on this week's episode of Pan Am.

The crew flies right into Hurricane Ginny.

A passenger has a heart attack, and the crew lands in Port au Prince, Haiti. Ted drives and Colette navigates across the island for them to find a doctor.

The hurricane destroyed the runway and it's up to Dean to discover a way to get them out of Haiti unharmed.

Kate made a grave decision and called in a favor from Richard.

The crew proved to be a formidable team in the eye of the storm.

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Not even close to Pan Am in the late 50' and early 60'. 1. Pilots (age all in their 30's): If you hired on in mid 60 you could probably be asked to upgrade to Captain in 16 years. Since when were you able to join the Air Force at 6 years of age to gain flying experience and be able to be considered for a flying job with Pan Am after a stunt with the military? 2. Stewardesses: Pan Am never would hire a girl only 5 feet tall 3. Pan Am and drinking alcohol in uniform and on the aircraft - you are done right now and so is the show using Pan AM. Captain Fred

Pan Am Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Flamingos bite. They do. I mean, they're very pretty, and..and..and pink. But when they bite, they break the flesh.


She's waiting for Mr. Right. She's very patient.