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The girls have a night out and Kristina doesn't hesitate to tell Sarah what she thinks about Mark and Hank.

Jasmine asks Crosby if her mom can borrow $5,000, but they decide to let her move in.

Sarah has an interesting evening with Hank.

Victor has issues with his adoption.

After shaving her head, Kristina has doubts.


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The scene where Victor gets upset at Sidney was disturbing. When that baseball bat shot just over her head, I saw that as not just venting his frustration but attempted murder. It was also upsetting that both Joel and Julia would believe Victor's excuse instead of Sidney's accounting of what happened. If this wasn't just a TV show, I wouldn't want my kids in the same neighborhood or going to the same school as Victor, he apparently needs some extensive help.

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

These were 'butter me up' pancakes, weren't they?


Mark is so cute, but he's like a puppy. Hank is a man!