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Jane and Reg are tasked with bringing a little girl home after her parents are murdered. Along the way the two of them begin putting together clues and suspects in the small town.

They come to realize the girl’s parents were selling illegal drugs smuggled in from Canada by the local pharmacist. The smuggler shoots out Jane’s hotel room with the little still in it. Jane is able to get the smuggler’s attention as Reg shoots and kills him.

At the hospital, the clues finally come in and Sweeney informs Reg who the killer is, a local cop. The little girl recognizes him and a game of cat and mouse between him and Jane begins. Jane is able to distract him and shoots and kills him.

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Prime Suspect episode "Underwater" was brilliant. Outstanding acting. Intense, compelling and superbly written. Right from its first appearance on NBC, Prime Suspect's Maria Bello proved herself a STAR -- she's a breath of fresh air. Rightfully, every guy in the precinct shares the STAR status (great to see Aidan Quinn in this winner). The only reason THIS show can fail is due to its brilliance. One more time, IT IS SUPERB. Unfortunately, bottom line seems to be: If it's too good, it ain't gonna survive!


What is the name of the child actor in the episode "Underwater"? What an understated performance. I applaud the director for whatever part they had in creating that performance. My favorite show right now. Please don't say it is


Why is it impossible to see an episode cast list?

Prime Suspect Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Luis: How vague?
Jane: A guy walking out of a room vague?

Do you ever arrest someone up here or do you just write parking tickets?