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-The three finalists, Mondo, Michael, and Austin are tasked with creating five looks for their red carpet finale in only four days and a budget of $300.

-Mondo is so stressed he freezes and doesn't design anything until the second day.

-On day three there's s twist. They must design a sixth outfit using only scraps of fabric from previous challenges but they'll have help. They get to choose one of the show's previously outed designers as a partner for the day.

-Mondo chooses Mila. Austin picks Anthony and Michael goes with April.

-The designers pick out their models and music and meet with Joanna, Georgina, and Isaac for advice but we'll have to wait until next week to see their designs hit the red carpet and decide our winner.

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Mondo should have won season 8 hands down. No one has heard from Gretchen since she was given the money to pay off her bills. Have not seen anyone wearing her wining blommers either. Looking back, you guys know you made the wrong decision.


I believe the winner should be Austin not Mondo. Austin designs are fabulous and Austin designed the mini collections for all seasons, which should be the winner. I hope you will do recall and make Austin the winner not Mondo. I, my family, friends, and relatives agreed and believed that Austin should be the winner, so I, my family, relatives will boycott your show as not judging the winner should be Austin.