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-The Project Runway All Stars must make an avant garde look using lights effects in their dress.

-The guest judge this week is Pharrell Williams who was once named the best dressed man in the world.

-The top three are Kenly with a neon plaid look, Mondo's Tron looking outfit, and Austin with a romantic fairy inspired dress.

-On the bottom are Michael's neon ninja warrior look and Jerell's neon tribal outfit.

-Austin wins.  All of the judges love his look and Pharrell calls him a star.

-Jerell goes home for what judges termed a cross between a grandma skirt and a tribal rave top.

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I'm not really a fan, but if it was on super calarence (less than $10,) I would do to it what I did to another dress a few years ago. Cut the bits I don't like out, add bits that I do like until it's something else entirely. That probably doesn't count though.