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Episode Details

Reaper Season 1 Episode 2: "Charged"

Sam wakes up to find out that everything he touches shocks him. Satan tells him that this new "power" is a gift given to him to help him capture his next target, a lost soul that was once a crooked energy trader.

Reaper Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Sam: I'm good at stuff, okay. Other stuff. Right?
Sock: Yeah, you do rock the house at Guitar Hero.
Sam: That's what I'm talking about

Sock: Can you turn your head all the way around?
Sam: Sock, I'm not possessed.
Sock: Yeah, okay.
Sam: My parents sold my soul to the Devil and I'm a bounty hunter for Hell. Totally different.
Sock: Have you even tried to turn your head all the way around?
Sam: Yeah, it totally doesn't work

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