Revenge Round Tables

Revenge continued to up the mysterious, suspenseful ante last week. Come along with our Round Table crew as they analyze "Intrigue."
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Death finally came to The Hamptons this week. Read through our Revenge Round Table for a look at the most thrilled episode yet.
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Emily Thorne got more Revenge this week. Come along now and join our Round Table panelists in the latest dissection of this fun ABC drama.
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Who can Emily trust? Only herself, as we learned on Revenge this week and as we pick apart in this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.
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Revenge Quotes

My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

Emily Thorne

[to Aiden] Hate is a lot like love. You can't force it. You can't fight it. You just have to embrace it when it comes along.