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-After Gail's uniform is stolen from her car, a woman wearing it shoots and kills a drug dealer. The assailant is the sister of a 16 year old meth user. She stole the uniform to try and help her brother and felt so powerful wearing it that she killed his dealer.

-Dov and Chris seemingly makeup. When they ask Gail if things can go back to normal she's mean and sarcastic. They take that as a positive response.

-Sam and Andy continue their relationship even though he's undercover as JD. Brennan catches them and they try to cover.

-When Andy leaves JD's, Brennan picks her up and questions her. She mentions JD being a big football fan in passing as she tries to keep her cover. Later JD tells Brennan he isn't much of a fan.

-Andy wonders if she blew Sam's cover. She tells Frank what happened. Then a team is sent out when Swarek's wire is turned off. Andy follows and finds blood on the floor and Swarek missing.


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I think Sam was hoping Andy would have ran to him, kissed him when he came out of the house, and it bothered him when she didn't.


I love Sam & Andy! I think Luke needs to move onto Gail. I liked their chemistry. More please!


i loved this weeks episode.oh my god sam and andy amazing and the actor they chose from due south .wonderful choice. the love seen by fair the best ever and sam definetely gets my applause. i loved the way his voice changed when they were wrapping it up and he said you got to go. amazing all of the cast. cant wait to see the finale for season 2 but sad its over for another season.

Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Some people, a lot of people, are just plain bad.


The thing I really want to know is why someone is running around in your uniform robbing drug dealers.