"Thanksgiving: The Good, the Bad the Ugly"

On Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 3, Meri and Janelle decide to decorate for the family's Thanksgiving dinner as part of their therapy to heal their relationship.

"Confessions and Polygamy Perks"

The adoption of Robyn’s kids is at the center of this Sister Wives episodes. Will a judge stand in the way?

"Catfishing Fallout"

Madison shows her engagement ring to her parents and siblings for the first time on the season seven premiere of Sister Wives.

"Tell All (Season 6)"

On Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 14, the Browns answer questions on a wide range of topics, including Robyn's pregnancy and Meri's catfishing bombshell.

"Meri Catfished"

On Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 13, the Brown family enjoys a trip to Alaska with deep-sea fishing, but a pregnant Robyn can't stand the smell of raw fish.

"A Boy or a Girl?"

On Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 12, the Browns go to Alaska with an entourage that includes Logan's new girlfriend, and Kody and Robyn reveal their baby's sex.

"Chaos in the Cul-de-Sac"

On Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 11, the Browns throw a party to celebrate a judge's recent decision that will allow Kody to adopt Robyn's three oldest children.

"A Judge Decides"

On Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 10, a court ruling is expected and will determine if Kody can adopt Robyn's three oldest kids, and Madison makes an announcement.

"Robyn's Big Announcement"

On Sister WIves 6 Episode 9, the adoption of Robyn's kids nears as the Browns sign the official papers with their lawyer, and Meri sees a doctor to discuss her weight loss.

"More Girls Than Kody Can Handle?"

On Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 8, Kody plans a bonding trip to the beach with his five youngest daughters after admitting he has better relationships with his sons.