"Growing up & Moving Out Part 1"

Sister Wives Season 6 Episode 1 marks the first new episode of a new season of Sister Wives. This is the first part of a two-hour special installment.

"Mid-Season Tell All"

This is a special episode of Sister Wives. It involves the cast sitting around and answering questions.

"Every Brown Revealed"

The Browns compile photos and videos that are symbolic of the strength of their relationships this week on Sister Wives.

"From Monogamy to Polygamy"

We spend time with a Christian couple in Missouri on Sister Wives this week. They tell the Browns about their lives.

"Four Wives in Two RVs"

It's road trip time for the Browns on Sister Wives this week. They head off to visit a non-Mormon polygamist clan.

"Growing Up Polygamist"

We get updates from the Browns teens on this episode of Sister Wives. Also, Janelle keeps trying to lose weight.

"Vegas Surprise"

The wives gather in Sin City this week and have a surprise for Kody. Read on for a Sister Wives recap.

"The Big Decision"

One wife makes a big mistake on this episode of Sister Wives. How will it affect the family business?

"Polygamists in a Shark Tank"

The Browns search for investors on this episode of Sister Wives. Robyn also considers having another baby

"Meri Drops a Bomb"

Sister Wives Season 5 opens with a joint birthday party for Dayton and Meri. The Browns relish living so close together.