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Tara considers her job offer, while Jax tries to right the club's sinking ship on the Sons of Anarchy season finale.

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how weak is Kurt Sutter? No matter how much both logic & dramatic effect demand that at least one of this show's protagonists die Sutter is so old-fashioned network-TV he can't kill em . Not even one. The plot holes and plain stupidity got so large - even larger than desperately lame 4 SoA finale that I refuse to watch another season. I wasn't goin to this year after the season 4 farce but made the error of staying on thinking Jax had finally grown a pair. Guess what - he hasn't and never will because Tellers never have to face consequences in Kurt Sutter's logic defying world.


Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 13 (FINALE)
Episode Name: J'ai Obtenu Cette
Air date: 12/04/2012
Summary: Jax makes a deal and rids himself of old problems in the fifth-season finale. Watch Video Full Episode Finale Play And Watch Sons of Anarchy Se@son 5 Episode 13 Online Enjoy .
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I am so sad sons season 5 is over so soon. What am I going to watch until season 6 starts. :(


J'ai Obtenu Cette is French for I got this. How awesome is that?!