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Jax plans to destroy Lin's business and then kill everyone close to him before killing Lin slowly and painfully but he must keep his plans from August Marks who doesn't want his revenge hurting their business.

After Jax sabotages Lin's latest drugs and guns deal, he sets up the two guys Jury (President of the Indian Hills charter) to make it look like they did it. Jax has them killed but Jury finds them and the one man is obviously more than just muscle. As he cries over the body, he recognizes one of the guns the Sons used earlier in the day.

Wendy and Nero bond over their kids as Wendy enrolls Abel into the pre-K program that Tara had looked in to, despite Gemma's reservations. 

Juice let's Unser go. Unser tells Gemma he knows and is willing to help get Juice out of town. Gemma sends Juice to her father's empty house until they can get more money.

Unser takes a position as a consulting investigator with the new Sheriff as it offers him medical benefits. He starts looking into Tara's death. Gemma is upset when she finds the file in his trailer. 


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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Jax Teller is formidable. As smart as he is dangerous.


If I stay in truth and I give it to people straight. No lies, no spin, no games. I always know that whatever happens is going to be the right thing, whether I like it or not.

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