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On the Suits summer finale, Travis Tanner returns to represent Ava Hessington in her lawsuit against Pearson, Darby, Specter, but was Harvey able to send him packing this time? Read our review now.
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On Suits, with Darby out of the picture, Harvey and Jessica have to pick up the pieces, but will they be harder to recover than they thought? Read our review of "Bad Faith" now to find out!
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On Suits this week, Harvey, Mike and Jessica pull together to save Ava from a murder conviction and place Stephen Huntley in their sights to take the blame, but was he one step ahead the whole time?
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On Suits this week, Harvey and Mike get to the bottom of who ordered the hit on the people blocking the Hessington Oil pipeline, but does the answer have more repercussions than they could have anticipated?
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Suits Quotes

Mike: I thought you were against emotions.
Harvey: I'm against having emotions, not using them.

Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.