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Rope Over Water Immunity Challenge
Watch Survivor Season 21 Episode 10
"Stuck In the Middle"
Original Air Date:

The tribe has an visceral reaction to Marty's ouster at the previous tribal council and start to question who's running the show. A coup is staged, but the king and queen are not worried. We recap who went home and why.

La Flor Flag
Watch Survivor Season 21 Episode 2
"Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All"
Original Air Date:

One castaway is down, but many are still around. We've recapped the second episode of season 21 right here and now.

Jimmy Johnson on Survivor
Watch Survivor Season 21 Episode 1
"Young At Heart"
Original Air Date:

Castaways are divided by age for this edition of Survivor. One of them includes former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson.

Survivor Season 21 Quotes

I'm single. Single, single, single, single.


Everywhere you look there are dangerous things hanging from the trees.

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