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David Tate takes Marco to the bridge to make a deal with him. A life for a life. If he kills Daniel Frye, then Tate said he'd tell Marco where to find Gus. When Marco can't kill Frye, Tate shoots him instead. Sonya heads off to find Gus, but doesn't make it in time. In the end, she goes to the bridge and unable to convince Marco to put down his gun, she grazes them both. With Gus dead, Marco pushes Sonya away and says that they aren't friends and are no longer partners. 

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RT u r an idiot. One show where the bad things actually happen to good people. It's called real life u idiot.


The stupidity of this episode has taken the culmination of the 10 previous episodes and turned them into a complete waste of time. The fact that Sonya suspected something devious with the waterline and the Popular Science magazine showing a picture of some sort of 'tank', she is guilty of allowing Gus to drown! "If" this show was written by someone with half a brain, the first thing Sonya would have done after arriving at the house would have been to immediately make a break, shoot-out or otherwise stop the water flow in the copper waterline! But no, she moronically follows the line around the house, while in those minutes Gus takes his last gasp and drowns! That was a season and series ender for me!


I absolutely love this show, actors are great, story line great! Keep up the good work. Does it go on hiatus?

The Bridge Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Marco: How do I know my son is still alive?
Tate: You're just going to have to trust me.

Daniel, this is the end of your life.