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Brenda's parents come to visit as her father continues to be treated for cancer.

Brenda and Chief Pope butt heads over how to interact with the Catholic Church during an investigation into a priest's murder.

Raydor advises Brenda to treat Pope with kid gloves.

Juggling work and home issues turns out to be more than Brenda bargained for.

Pope and Brenda finally come to an understanding about her future.

Brenda loses someone she loves.

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I knew Willie Ray would be dead in the morning when Brenda put their talk off once again "until tomorrow." Then when Willie Ray wasn't up before the rest of them, I knew she was gone. Willie Ray would be the first one up any otherwise.


MLW said it all. I felt the very same way, for the very same reason.
I'm from Atlanta and the whole family line hits so close to home.
But, I looooooove The Closer and will be watching Major Crimes.


I was very upset with the ending of the Closer last night. This is to be entertainment and for me it was not.....instead it was very disturbing and kept me awake all night. Why would the writers do that?


Oh No!!!! I loved Willie Ray! She was a sweetheart...... how awful that she kept asking for time to speak to her daughter and Brenda kept putting her off for work...... I know it's only a TV show but it brought back sad memories of losing my poor sweet Mother...... what a shocker to find her her dead. I cried all over again....


I watched it at 11pm since I have another show I love at 9pm. I soooo thought it was Brenda's dad that was going to die. He's have a massive heart attack or an aneurysm and die in front of Brenda or she would find him like she did her mom. But like the guest I knew when Brenda went to take coffee to her mom. nd to have her eyes open like that. I know people die like that but it gives me the chills thinking about it now. I wonder if the talk Willie Ray wanted to have with Brenda was to let her know she been diagnosed w/ some heart problem. RIP Willie Ray. She's now with the very well loved Kitty.


Please explain why at 9pm I turned on my TV to watch The Closer episode Last Rites only to see the opening scenes
of the Drug Fiend episode----I switched channels to watch something else----I then switched back to The Closer
out of curiosity ----AND there it was--- The Last Rites...I watched it from there-- but I missed the beginning because at 9pm the beginning was Drug Fiend....I waited till 11pm to see it again so I did see the Last Rites beginning. However I'm still confused about that 9pm false start......


.. wow, I don't know why, but the moment Brenda walked out of the kitchen to bring her mother a cup of coffee, I knew what was going to happen- the blows are coming hard and fast for Brenda. learning about the/a leak. the Johnson Rule. 'losing' Stroh. the strange escalation of tension between her 'mentor/supporter', long, long term admirer, Pope. her father's cancer. now, Pope hinting at her needing to look for another job-- things are coming to a breaking point! lucky she has the ever loving Fritz..


I cannot believe you all killed Willie Ray.


omg thats the LAST thing i expected to happen

The Closer Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Well, I guess we can all stop wondering if the Pope's Catholic.


Provenza: Murdered priest in a grade school parking lot.
Flynn: Makes me think bad things.