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Brenda finally gets the chance she has wanted to take down Philip Stroh, but it might mean the end of her career with the Los Angeles Police Department.

When Brenda meets a young, abandoned boy named Rusty, she connects with him on a level deeper than she imagined and is forced to take a hard look at her life.

Brenda realizes she would rather take down Stroh and lose her career than let him go free and continue dealing with bad men every day.

Brenda and her squad at Major Crimes say a heartfelt goodbye, but not before she finds a new role and someone on the squad to take with her into her new life.

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Hi, I have watched the Closer since it began. The series finale was very fitting, beautifully and emotionally written. Do hope to see Kyra in a spin off with "Gabriel and Fitz". thank you. loved the super final scene.


I hope that your new show will be as great as the Closer!!!!.I waited every Monday night too record Closer,I just never thought it would.Now I'm assuming that there will be another spinoff with Kyra,and Gabriel at the district attornery's office. I just could see 7more seasons of the Closer.Irecorded all the episodes on all three TV's.I'm your no.1 fan.
Eleanor WilliamsKnight


Give Capt Rador a chance! I bet the new show will be entertaining, but in a way different from the Closer. I cannot imagine how Brenda will leave Fritz. Can't wait to see.


@Phyllis Mccall Kyra isn't leaving the Closer, the Closer is ending. This episode is the series finale. A new show called Major Crimes is going to premiere right after The Closer ends. Some of the cast from The Closer will on it. Provenza, Flynn, Tao, Sanchez and Buzz are all staring. Taylor and Fritz are recurring and Yes Raydor will be charge of the division. It's a spin off.


Is Kyra Sedgewick leaving The Closer? If she does and you replace her with that lady playing the captain on the show now, I will NOT be watching the show anymore, neither will any of my family members and a lot of my friends. We do NOT like this lady.


love this show am going to miss brenda hope she will come back

The Closer Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Mr. Grant: Now, look, I'm not the only person Rusty sees.
Provenza: Please, I'm depressed enough.

Okay, so you're certain of his age but you don't know his name?