Asking for Help - The Fosters

The Fosters Season 2 Episode 13, Kiara turns to Callie for help regarding an unfit foster home while Mariana keeps a secret about her test scores from Matt.

"Over / Under"

On the winter premiere of The Fosters Season 2 Episode 12, when the Quinns show that they truly want her to be a part of their family, Callie is left in a tailspin.

"Christmas Past"

On The Fosters Season 2 Episode 11, in this holiday themed episode, Brandon takes a look back at Jude and Callie's very first Christmas with the Foster family.

"Someone's Little Sister"

Callie asks Robert for help when Rita and Girls United face a serious challenge on The Fosters.

"Leaky Faucets"

Mat's surprise offends Mariana at the Mexican Street Festival and Callie has a relapse on The Fosters.

"Girls Reunited"

Callie volunteers at Girls United, only to learn that the neighbors want them gone on The Fosters.

"The Longest Day"

Brandon tells Stef and Mike bout sleeping with Dani, Callie and Jude visit the Quinns' yacht and Marianna jeopardizes her dance team on The Fosters.


Mike confesses to Stef why he was at the halfway house on the night Ana vanished and Lena has a medical issue with her pregnancy on The Fosters.

"Truth Be Told"

Brandon and his band seek inspiration while Callie worries about Jude on The Fosters.

"Say Something"

Callie decides to remove the obstacles in the way of her adoption while Mariana is upset to find out why she made dance team on The Fosters.