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A boy reports crashing his car into a young redhead.

Linden and Holder learn that Joe is the son of the mother running the motel.

Linden and Holder follow up on Joe but can't find him at Kallie's mom's place.

After finding a missing finger, Linden, Holder, and with the help of Bullet, track discover a girl at a animal hospital being, her neck being stitched up. It's not Kallie.

Holder forgets that it's Valentine's Day.

Seward is visited by his son's foster mother looking to allow the boy to meet his father. Seward hears the story of his fellow inmate killing his parents and receiving forgiveness from his siblings.

Kallie's mom meets up with Joe. She tries to call Kallie, now worried, and hears the phone ring in Joe's bag.

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I have some good sources who told me who the killer is. I swore I wouldn't reveal it but it's going to come as a shock to some. It's a little cookie-cutter for my taste, but I think most will be satisfied... All I can tell you is that, if you compare to the red herrings in seasons 1 and 2, then Mills = Mayor Richmond, and the Beacon House guy = the teacher in season 1. Both are the official diversions of this season. I'm looking forward to talking about it once the season wraps up. Seward does tie in nicely to all of this. If you really want to speculate, just ask yourself, who could have the power to influence Seward in to accepting the death penalty AND show his son where all of the bodies are? Who could possibly threaten Seward to the point that he willingly wants nothing to do with his son and is happily accepting his execution by hanging, rather than proclaiming his innocence (hint, Seward knows who the killer is)? What is this person threatening Seward with? Also, who has access to all those biohazard bags (It's a bit surprising that this question hasn't been asked already by the SPD)? If you think about it long and hard enough, you'll come up with the answer...