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Darren sproles on the league s6e3
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"Man Land"

On The League Season 6 Episode 8, Corbin Bernsen guest stars as Jenny's dad who decides to take the guys camping. Read on for a few more details.

"The Heavenly Fouler"

Jerry O'Connell guest stars on The League Season 6 Episode 7. Elsewhere, Kevin plays basketball with his priest and Andre saves a cat on The League.

"Breast Awareness Month"

Kevin has an incident with his doctor on The League Season 6 Episode 6. Meanwhile, Taco starts a charity on this installment of the comedy.

"The Hot Tub"

Taco looks for a new home while Kevin and Jenny get a hot tub on The League. It's the fifth installment of Season 6.

"When Rafi Met Randy"

Randy and Rafi meet one another while in a mental institution on The League. See how this friendship was subsequently formed on the episode.

"The Height Supremacist"

Pete looks for help from Taco Corp while Ellie invites Darren Sproles to a dance on The League.


Ruxin interferes with Geoffrey's little-league team and Jay Glazer does a favor for Andre on The League..

"Sitting Shiva"

Taco hits the links on The League season premiere. Elsewhere, Kevin struggles with Jenny's Shiva Bowl victory.

"The Curse of Shiva"

On The League's season finale, the championships come to a head, and Andre and Trixie discover the one flaw in their relationship.

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"A Krampus Carol"

Ruxin hates Christmas, and recruits Taco to help ruin a mall Santa's Village, on The League.

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The League Quotes

Rafi: Gattaca!
Taco: I don't think he's seen that movie! He wouldn't be yelling that if he had.

Taco: What the hell's "M.L.A"?
Kevin: It means "Mouth Like Anus."

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