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Gina's gotten plenty of satisfaction. Have you seen Adrian Peterson? That dude is plowing her like the Mall of America parking lot after a snowstorm.


Pete: Did you roofie my drink?
Rafi: Oh, I roofied like 40% of the drinks here. It's a numbers game.

You are not just clients to us, but nameless strangers with money as well.


Yes, I will be your ballsy guard. From now on, I'm Kevin Costner, your balls are Whitney Houston.


I destroyed you using a baby's fist as a weapon...Gattaca!


My yogurt's not curdled!


Ruxin: Did you give my son baby brass knuckles?
Rafi: No, I had baby brass knuckles MADE for your son!

If you win it again, you're gonna be bi-Sac-tual.


Nice Krampage, Taco.


My team is performing like Ruxin's sperm, failing all over the place.


Taco: What the hell's "M.L.A"?
Kevin: It means "Mouth Like Anus."

That's so cute, you like to combine two real words into one fake one.

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The League Quotes

Kevin: Well, Taco is rich.
Andre: Rich to Taco is like having twenty bucks and a can of Four Loko.

Taco: I want to be able to post whatever I want on
Jerry Jones: Post what?
Taco: Musings, pictures of shoes I like, drawings of historical figures interacting with food in unusual ways, portraits of people I know drawn from memory, sex photos.
Jerry Jones: No.

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