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- Emma reveals more to Laurel.

- Mads feels left out.

- Kristen finds out Ted spent 20K of their money.

- Derek Rogers mother finds a bag full of money in her garden.

- Ethan, Thayer, and Emma kidnap Sutton so Emma and Ethan can go to formal together and question Rebecca.

- Alec kisses Kristen.

- Emma thinks Ted is her father and killed Derek.

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This episode had so much going on and so many lies, that it actually made me uncomfortable (which for this type of thing was good). This was especially true at the formal when Emma and Thayer try to prove Sutton & Rebecca are working together. Also I loved that they played "We Lost Magic" by Empires during the scene when Ethan overhears Dan and Theresa talking about the cash that was found in Derek’s yard. What a great garage rock song, that's so rare these days.

The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Sutton: Trust me.
Rebecca: Well that's just it Sutton, sometimes I'm not sure if I can.

If anyone found out that you know about me and Sutton your life could be in danger.

Emma [to Laurel]