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After last week's intense suspicions, Emma has come clean to at least one person in the Mercer family. Now that Laurel knows the truth, "Catch Her in the Lie" was all about the next step in the plan.

Here, it was time for Emma to get in some face time with Mommy Dearest Rebecca.

Emma Pretends To Be Sutton

When we kicked off The Lying Game season 2, Sutton was the one with the plan. She and Rebecca were scheming behind everyone's backs, including Sutton's twin sister. Rebecca even told Sutton as much tonight when Sutton tossed out the idea of bringing Emma into the fold. Rebecca thinks she makes the plans. Oh, Rebecca, the tables have turned.

Thanks to that random nurse who remembered that Rebecca was Emma's mom and dropped the bomb, Emma is now officially clued in. Now she's recruiting members for her team. It's not too hard to convince people to be on Emma's side when in four months she's showed how different she is compared to 17 years of Sutton. Sutton is pissed because she knows she's on the outside now.

Mads shouldn't be worried about being left out and "voted off the island" when Sutton is in the picture. Sometimes I feel bad for Sutton and want someone on her side, but she shouldn't be so secretive and bitchy all the time. She almost had Ethan back, but once again lying screwed her. No wonder this show is called The Lying Game, that's all that happens! I will say that Sutton has obviously been scared into keeping quiet.

Anybody who knows the secret of the twins is in danger; time has proven that to be true. | permalink

I'm fairly convinced at this point that Alec didn't kill Derek. But now Ted has come into the picture with the 20K in bank withdrawals just when Derek's mom surfaces with a bag full of money. Does Ted know about the twins? Why is it all so dangerous? Theresa knows the truth about the twins, does that put her in danger? 

Once again I'm left with more questions. Things I hope happen between this week and next: Ethan and Mads only bond and don't hook up. Thayer and Emma do hook up. That's about it. What'd you think of this week's episode of The Lying Game?


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When sutton said she wanted to be an only child it's because she was upset that emma stoled her life and when she also said she wanted to get rid of emma because after sutton slept with Ethan he told her that he wished it never happen so that was just her anger talking I'm sure when people are angry they say things they don't mean the fact that sutton wanted to include emma that showed me that she still cares about her sister my questions are why did rebecca wanna include sutton in her plans and leave emma out and how did sutton and rebecca first meet will emma confront rebecca about knowing she's her mother and will emma accept rebecca as her mother after being around emma all this time and never saying anything to her will Ted ever find out that sutton is a twin I know this is gonna sound weird but I don't think Alec is a bad guy I think he's protecting the people he cares about from getting hurt and I think Ted killed dereck and when rebecca found out she wanted to protect her love Ted by framing Alec and using Jordan's help I'm more into the mystery than the whole love triangle between emma sutton Ethan and Thayer I just hope the conclusion of the last episode is strong enough for a 3 rd season so mysterys better get solved because if its not this show will end up being cancelled which I hope to god it's not because this show is my life


Hopefully Thayer and Emma stay together. Perfect for each other hopefully Emma doesnt end up with Ethan. And hopefully Emma blows up in front of Rebecca that would be totally awesome


Gonino was good this episode being confused, angry and sympathetic to Emma. Laurel should have figured it out long before but it's great that she knows now. Sutton/Rebecca don't know Laurel knows which is great. Emma lying to Mads was just forced drama. I love the group planning sessions. I seriously doubt Ted had Derek killed. Alec/Kristen is cliched, wrong and nothing but manipulation on Alec's part. I got spoiled on Twitter about Ted and the twins. Theresa is in danger. Thayer needs more development. I don't think it's related but Alec gave Thayer 20k dollars in season 1. God, don't let Emma and Ethan go back and forth for seasons!


Best line of the show Sutton to Ethan " you want honesty Brutus " bahaha she referred herself to ceasar. I really don't know what Rebecca is doing . I don't like where their taking her character. I'm kinda with Emma hoping that she loves her kids, but omg I'm just not seeing at all anymore. The reason Ted gave that money to Derek wasn't because he knows there are twins, but because he didn't want anybody to know about his affair and love child with Rebecca. I'm just waiting for Emma to blow up at Rebecca. I mean sutton always backs down.


I like Thayer and Emma as friends. They do not have chemistry as lovers. Love is complicated. When you love someone you often make stupid mistakes. You say words which you do not mean, you hurt the person you love, then you regret and so on. That's why I think that relation between Ethan and Emma is more real. Plus nobody is so perfect as Tylar even on Tv. So I expect a twist in his behavior very soon.


Got cut off:
I'm ready for someone to lay into her. Hopefully Emma can finally put her in her place. Absolutely LOVING Laurel this season!!! So glad she's in the know. Can't wait to see what kind of drama this stirs up :)


I've never seen the chemistry between Emma and Thayer. Their love scene was definitely lacking. They make great friends but don't work for me as a couple. And what is with him being all possessive of Emma. I get that he worries about Ethan and Emma's past but thats no reason to be an ass when he's helping them. I enjoy Emma with Ethan so much more!!! They've both made mistakes, Ethan more than Emma, but I hope in the end they wind up together. I don't think Ted killed Derek. I think Rebecca got Jordan to do it and gave Derek the money Ted was giving her. Surprised to say I'm kind of digging Kristen with Alec. Love that the adults lives are just as soapy as the kids!!! Each episode is making me realize more and more that I can't stand Suttton. She's great for drama, which I love, but is not someone I can root for. Nothing is EVER her fault!!!! She manages to blame everybody else for everything that goes wrong. Frankly I'm tired of her whining. I'm ready for someone to really lay into her. Maybe that would be the wake up call she desperately needs!!! My vote is for it to be Emma or Laurel. Gotta say Laurel is fast becoming my favorite character!!! LOVE everything about her. Thank god she finally knows the secret. Can't wait to see what kind of drama this stirs up :)


I might be the only one that likes the alec/kristin pairing. it's nice to see Alec not being evil and manipulative. Ethan needs to get off his high horse and let Emma and Thayer be. I admit I did for them last season before the ranch fiasco. I was surprised that Sutton asked Rebecca to include Emma in her plans when she adamantly said that Emma was ruining her life/trying to live it. why the complete 360 turn?


I am more on the Thayer/Emma bandwagon too...I can foresee like Laurel and Ethan waiting on something and Laurel asks Ethan what does he really see being behind Emma's actions and he tells her about Emma's past and Laurel starts to waffle between which guy is the right guy. And seriously, Laurel is my favorite on this show. I actually think Sutton wanted Emma in on it because it would like be way easier since more people are talking to Emma and if she could understand what Rebecca is doing, she could do more of the heavy lifting. I am a little curious why Rebecca doesn't want to reveal herself to Emma, I figure it is probably one of a couple reasons 1) she assumes Emma would not be exactly that pleased to see her if Rebecca knew where she was and didn't try and help her 2) Rebecca thinks there is a chance that most of the blame will be placed on Sutton and she doesn't want Emma to bear the brunt of it but I actually doubt those are the reasons...any theories?


I agree with @Sa'ad702. Thayer's more like Emma, even if she relates more to Ethan. While initially I was on the Beckerhorse boat, Themma makes more sense. At least now. But I don't think the Ethan-Emma-Thayer-Sutton drama is going away anytime soon.

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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Sutton: Trust me.
Rebecca: Well that's just it Sutton, sometimes I'm not sure if I can.

If anyone found out that you know about me and Sutton your life could be in danger.

Emma [to Laurel]