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Mac's Last Night
"Election Night, Part II"

On The Newsroom season 2 finale, election night comes to a close with Will and Charlie await the decision of their future with ACN while Jim tries to make peace with Lisa and Sloan the mystery behind her book.

Jim's Realization
"Election Night, Part I"

In part-one of The Newsroom's two-part season finale, after Leona refuses to accept their resignations, the ACN team proceeds with election night coverage. Will appoints himself in charge of morale as Charlie and Mac beg to be fired.

"Red Team III"

Rebecca questions the News Night staff and tries to piece together how Jerry's Operation Genoa story made it to air while a shocking motive for the debacle comes to light on The Newsroom.

Revealing Genoa
"One Step Too Many"

Charlie and Mac track down a retired USMC General who they hope will confirm Operation Genoa while Nina convinces Will to try and improve his image on The Newsroom.

Will Gets Bad News
"News Night with Will McAvoy"

Will becomes distracted during a broadcast, Charlie gets information about Operation Genoa from an old friend, and Sloan suffers the consequences of an act of revenge via social media on The Newsroom.

Will Is Unimpressed
"Unintended Consequences"

Neal's access to future Occupy Wall Street stories is in jeopardy when Will does an unflattering interview. Maggie tries to convince Rebecca that her trip to Africa didn't have any lingering effects and Jim helps Hailey and ends up in the hot seat with Mac on The Newsroom.

Considering a Confession
"Willie Pete"

Jim gets stonewalled in New Hampshire, Will is on a mission to civilize and an new Genoa tip comes through via Twitter on The Newsroom.

Protesting Wall Street
"The Genoa Tip"

The youtube video continues to cause problems for Maggie while Neal is arrested on Wall Street and MacKenzie and Sloan push Will to cover questionable drone strikes on The Newsroom.

Newsroom Season 2 Premiere Pic
"The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers"

The Newsroom Season 2 opens in September 2011 where Will gets himself in trouble for a remark he made concerning the Tea Party and ACN starts down the path of covering a black ops mission that lands them in legal hot water.

"The Greater Fool"

When Will encounters the wrath of Leona on the season finale of The Newsroom, will he keep his job? Jim and Maggie arrive at a crossroads.