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Teresa and Joe bring their new baby home from the hospital just in time to celebrate oldest daughter Gia’s ninth birthday.

The birthday is celebrated with a large group of little girls riding in a pink limo to a spa to get facials and other treatments.

Gia is also gifted with a four-wheeler. Meanwhile, Danielle continues to insist upon attending the pediatric cancer charity event being held at the Brownstone.

She recruits friends to accompany her and to protect her. As expected, things go sour at the event and, after much drama, Danielle leaves feeling more upset than before. 

The event was a disaster for her and now it seems that the Manzos have even more ammunition to fuel their hatred against Danielle. 

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Danielle is crazy people don't even think about her the chick has a big problem look at the guy she brought to the Brown Stone he looks like a bully she just showed who she really is a nobody I wish she was not on the show and shes weird looking


I'm addicted to this show! Girl gossip/drama is intense. Danielle doesn't deserve to be treated like crap. She's a real human being like everyone else. These ladies need to put their guards down and bond again. Kind of annoying how Caroline tries to act like a mobster. I guess it wouldn't be entertaining if everyone played nice.


I don;t understand why Danielle is still on the show. No one can stand her, I don't watch anymore because she is so evil and manipulative that you want to choke her-- I'm sure Caroline would love to--. Teresa is so cute and sweet, but she is raising her daughters to be self absorbed, spoiled rotten, entitled..I could go on and on...Jacqueline was told months ago to get rid of Danielle...now...she can't wait to do so...when it was affecting the rest of her family, she didn't care what problems Danielle was causing, now that it's affecting her personally, now she wants help..
It is so dysfunctional...!! I haven't watched it in weeks because I can't stand Danielle. When she finally gets kicked off the show, then I'll watch. She's going to cause a very SERIOUS disaster...The producers should be ashamed. I hear my co-workers talking about the show...I get up and leave.