The secret is out, and now The Vampire Diaires can truly begin!

Following the conclusion to last week's episode, where Elena pretty much figured out what Stefan was, her fears were realized officially to begin this installment. As Stefan simply said: I'm a vampire. While this freaked our girll out initially and she wanted nothing to do with Stefan, Elena asked him to meet her for lunch the next day.

She wanted to know EVERYthing. Holy water? He could drink it. Sunlight? His ring protected him. Why did he let Damon near Caroline, considering how dangerous he is? Because denying Damon something is the worst thing you can do. He doesn't get mad, Stefan says, he gets even.

Cut to Damon in the Salvatore home with Vicki. Bored, he's actually fed her his blood, after draining so much of hers the night before. They can't leave the mansion because it's light out and Stefan has Damon's ring, so Damon plays with Vicki's mind a bit and the pair end up getting wasted together. This will get much worse shortly.

But back to Stefan and Elena. He tells her the story of he, Damon and Katherine, via flashbacks, as we see the trio in the mid 1800s. We learn that Stefan has been 17 years old since 1864. How did he get that way? After falling for Katherine, and telling her in the heat of love making that he wanted to be with her forever (meant in a typical, cheesy way, of course), Katherine sort of took him at his word: she bared her fangs and bit into him. We later learn she did the same to Damon and played with both their hearts for years. We still don't know how Katherine died or left, however.

As Elena is taking all of this in, her brother is in trouble. See, Damon got annoyed by Vicki's whining and snapped her neck. When she awoke, she was no longer human. She was in the transition period and her to either feed on human remains or die. Feeling awful - though unsure why yet - Vicki fled the Salvatore house and went to Jeremy's. She was ravenous and had a major headache. When Stefan and Elena arrived, he knew what was happening to her.

Stefan followed Vicki into the woods and explained it all. She was heartbroken, as you might imagine. But the pair soon had something else to worry about, as Stefan got shot by a wooden bullet. The man with the gun was Logan, who somehow used the stolen Gilbert watch to track down the vampires. (Interesting.)

Just as he was about to stake Stefan, Damon bit into his neck and killed him. Stefan gave his brother back his ring and was traumatized by what he saw: Vicki was feeding on Lloyd's blood. She's now a vampire.

Stefan goes back to break this news to Elena, who has heard a whole lot in one day. The episode ends with her telling Stefan she believes he'll never harm her, but, come on, they can't actually be together. She goes inside and cries.

** This episode did a great job answering questions, but it also created many new ones. Such as:

  • Which brother was turned first?
  • How they each decided whether to feed on human blood or die?
  • What happened to Katherine?

Damon hinted that there's more of the story to come. We can't wait.


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To whom it may concern: My friends and I are viewers of the program, the Vampire Diaries. We have been waiting for episode 9 to premiere. This is hopefully a reminder to those of you producing this show, to HURRY UP AND SHOW IT ALREADY!!! Thank you for your time,
Your loyal viewers,
Helen,Betsy,Irene,Mildred,Martha,Bertha,Gertrude,and Peggy


I am in love with the show.
I am a such a fan.


AHHHH :D it was soo freakin good.
whats the song at the end of the show though? its like i thought i could fly why did i drown...
or something like that idk. butt omgg it was good :D


The TV Series is based on the books 'The Vampire Diaries' written by L.J.Smith. In the books it is Damon who betrayed Stephan all them years ago in reference to the Katherine situation, therefore Katie's comment regarding Damon payign for what he did is correct.
BTW i love the TV series, can't wait for the next episode!


I cant wait till the next episode!!! I love this show its so good so far!!!
I love Damon!! Hes so sexy and funny!!! and um @ katie: you said Damon will pay what he did to him (Stefan) all those years ago. Um Im afraid you have got it all mixed up, it was stefan who did something to Damon all those years ago not Damon


omg omg omg! This is the best ever! I love the show and I love how the last episode ended. Can't wait till the other one comes around!


i as well can not wait till the next episode i absolutly am in love with this show and think it is about time that some thing this good has come out on television. I hope it last many seasons


I can't wait for this episode!!! The last one ended SO good that I don't want to wait a week. Love this series, and I'm 13. It's a great show, I don't know why more people don't watch it.
P.S. I LOVE STEFAN! Damon will pay for what he did to him all those years ago!

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm a vampire.


Everything you know, and every belief you know is about to change. Are you ready for that?