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- We follow Elena's new life without humanity.

- Tyler leaves the deed to his house to Matt.

- Someone is stockpiling the local hospitals' blood supplies.

- Damon and Elena take off for New York.

- Elena and Caroline are at each other's throats.

- Klaus and Haley hook up.

- Damon runs into an old friend named Will. 

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Now that we've lost Casa Gilbert, the comforts of home.. and the love that everyone else in it gave, its really hard to believe and depressing. I hope Elena doesn't leave her humanity off for too long. Its the heart of the show.


elena will be like a different version of kathrine which i have a feeling kathrine might use against them. can't wait till the next episode comes too bad we have to wait till march 14 real bummer:(


This episode will definitely be interesting to watch. I think it will be exciting to see how Nina Dobrev portrays Elena's character after turning her humanity off. And after the devastating and heart breaking death of the wonderful Jeremy Gilbert, this will give Vampire Diaries fans something to look forward to, which is seeing Elena in a whole new way. I cannot contain my excitement for this episode. The Vampire Diaries is evidently epic.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Caroline: Feeding on the competition, hello did you not hear what Damon told you?
Elena: I did but who cares? I'll do whatever I want.

She's a vampire, off switch is one of the biggest perks.