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On Tyrant Season 2 Episode 12, Barry's return and Leila's betrayal put Jamal in an impossibile situation. Will he accept the inevitable? Read on for finale surprises!
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On Tyrant Season 2 Episode 11, Molly and Leila join forces to bring down Jamal. But can they save Barry before it's too late? Read on to find out.
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On Tyrant Season 2 Episode 10, Jamal's paranoia has disasterous consequences. Will the Al-Fayeeds ever be able to recover? Read on to find out more.
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Barry and Sammy are reunited in Tyrant Season 2 Episode 8. Jamal struggles with God and guilt, but will he take responsibility for his situation? Read on!
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The Al Fayeeds deal with a loss on Tyrant Season 2 Episode 7, while Sammy makes a surprising move with the case. Can Barry save his friend's daughter? Read on.
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Tyrant focuses on a young man who has lived in self-imposed exile in Los Angeles. But he then returns home for a wedding in the fictional war-torn country of Abbudin and gets involved in the politics there.

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Check out Grandpa on the billboard.


Barry: Just promise me we'll come back.
Molly: What? Very funny.