I wanted to believe you. I wanted us to be different. Not like your father. This is not how it was supposed to be for us. I wanted to be loved by my people. I wanted to be a mother of a country. Now look what you did! We can never make it right, we can never put it back, Jamal.


Ahmed: If you had gassed them, just so you know, I would have said it was the right thing to do. It's what I would have done. After what they did yesterday, I think they deserved it.
Jamal: We don't gloat, Ahmed. Not over the death of innocents. Not even when they are the enemy.

How can you be sorry and guilty at the same time? Tell me, because I am curious. Or does repeating a lie often enough make it the truth, even to you?


All violence brings is more violence.


I feel like I can deal with the details of life, I can get things done, but, the emotional stuff? I'm just having a hard time figuring that out.


People, they hate you. They don't even know you., and they hate you. Why? Because you are my son. Because you have been given everything they've been denied. They think you're a fat lazy slob. Why would you work so hard to prove them right?

Jamal Al Fayeed [to Ahmed]

I can see you're uncomfortable, and I don't want you to lie. You know, people who lie, sometimes they disappear, and they're never seen again.

Col. Mahmoud

I think I just need someone to tell me what to do. How to grieve. How to breathe, how to be a mother to my children. I've lived in this town my whole life, and I feel like I've never been here before. I'm just...completely lost.


I'm trying to convince the Chinese, I'm trying to convince the world, that we are a peaceful and friendly nation, anxious to do business, eager to welcome visitors. Canceling celebrations, dropping bombs, using gas against our own people would make that difficult, don't you think?


Emma [to Molly]: Everybody thinks what you did was amazing. Everybody thinks what dad did was amazing.
Sammy: Not everyone. Some actually think it was kind of stupid.

You would never have dared say those things in front of my brother. Even though he's not here, I keep his voice inside my head for safekeeping.


Have the last six months changed me? Yes. Yes, because the world changed. And I'm not going to get my country back by writing from Amsterdam.


Tyrant Quotes

Check out Grandpa on the billboard.


Barry: Just promise me we'll come back.
Molly: What? Very funny.