Maloof: I'm not concerned. The people of Abuddin are used to the government telling them what to do. The anger will pass. Pretty soon, it'll feel like the same old normal.
Molly: Once the war is over -- in six months or a year -- once you've declared elections again, this will all be remembered as nothing more than a blip.

I'm sorry if that upsets you. But you gave me a voice, and I have to use it. If I don't, who am I? I am nothing. I am less than you are.

Daliyah [to Barry]

Barry: You have to stop speaking out against me. Daliyah.
Daliyah: You have no right to ask me that.
Barry: Daliyah. Daliyah, this is me.
Daliyah: What's that supposed to mean? Do I owe you something? Because I slept with you? Because I love you?

The promise of the revolution was the promise that the people's voice would be heard. Not just when it is convenient. Not only when those in power agree with it. Always. Democracy is not a sometimes thing.


Barry: But how many more innocent people will die? How many more children?
Molly: I don't see those children's faces anymore. I just see hers. Emma's. In a constant loop inside my head. "Mommy," she said. "Mommy, help me." But I can't. I can't. That's Daddy's job.

You want to do a job, do it yourself, Barry. Don't leave it for someone else. You want to kill the man who murdered your daughter, you have to do it yourself.


I don't know what your plans are, Maloof. I don't know what grand political dreams are floating around in there. But I wouldn't get ahead of yourself. Costly stalemates usually aren't the stepping stones to greatness.


Leila: The point is they rebuilt. It's a lesson of human resilience.
Cogswell: That's one way of looking at it.
Leila: How would you prefer to think of it?
Cogswell: A monument to our ability to paint things over as if they never happened.

I'm done with forgiveness.


I have blood on my hands that I can never wash off. No amount of feeling guilty can change that. I'm of this place now, Barry. I'm stained by the ugliness of this place.


Halima's boyfriend: I love you and I want to make love to you.
Halima: Me too. Me too...but it can wait. Those other things I want can't wait until I'm married.

Maloof: It makes things complicated, the polls. The army's not inclined to support anyone, just because they happen to win the election.
Cogswell: Really? Well...I don't think you're quite getting the hang of democracy, General.

Tyrant Quotes

I'm an Al-Fayeed. That means I'm a powerful man here. Even if I run away again, isn't that still in my head?


Check out Grandpa on the billboard.