Doctor: Try and stay positive.
Leila: She obviously doesn't know the family.

You are my crazy Uncle Jamal, my favorite.


Can you actually save her? Or are you trying to save yourself?


Barry: I came here to get my country back.
Samira: You should get in line.

You're an Al Fayeed. The name cuts both ways.


Rami: I don't expect you to understand this -- you haven't lived my life -- but everything's that happened to me thus far has made it easier to be someplace else, anywhere but the place I was born.
Leila: "Easier." You're right. I don't understand. This is your country.
Rami: No.

Abu Omar: I expected more fight from you.
Daliyah: I wouldn't give you the satisfaction.

Do you know what terrifies the Caliphate more than anything? A girl with a gun.


I'm curious. What twisted path brought a pathetic Western whore to think that she could come to my county and dictate to me her perverted misinterpretations of the Koran? Did your parents not love you enough? Is that why you lay with murders? Is that why you stood by while the people of this house were slaughtered? So you could sleep in their bed and call it your own?


You dare to play the human rights card with me, you puppet? Look to your own country for that.


What kind of Muslim steals a wife from her husband? A mother from her child? You have already taken two of my sons!


Oh, you should see the size of our army now, Samira. This is an amazing thing to see. You were right, you were right. This is the way. This is how we will take down the Al Fayeeds. This is how we will take back our country. This is the way, Samira.

Ihab Rashid

Tyrant Quotes

Check out Grandpa on the billboard.


Barry: Just promise me we'll come back.
Molly: What? Very funny.