12 Characters That Make Us Want to Punch the TV

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What do these TV characters have in common?

Through no fault of the actor or actress who portrays them, they are totally and completely annoying. UGGGH!

1. Laurel Lance

Laurel Lance
Consider us proud members of Team Felicity. Laurel is more often than not a (very pretty) thorn in Oliver's side.

2. Skye

Skye is new to the Agents of SHIELD team. But we're sort of sick of her being used as a conduit for the audience when it comes to explaining how this universe works.

3. Dr. Alan Farragut

Dr. Alan Farragut
Dr. Alan Farragut acts like the man in charge on Helix. But he doesn't seem to actually really now anything.

4. Charlotte Grayson

Charlotte Grayson
Revenge has already rid us of Declan. Can't his ex-girlfriend be next?

5. Alexis Castle

Alexis Castle
From bringing home Pi to sleep on the sofa for weeks on end without ever asking if it's okay... to slamming the door in her father's face when he came to apologize... Alexis is experiencing major growing pains.

6. Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby
When did this lovable goofball become such an annoying whiner? If he's not lamenting about not finding the love of his life, he's see-sawing over whether or not he and Robin should try and make it work again.

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