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Laurel Lance
Consider us proud members of Team Felicity. Laurel is more often than not a (very pretty) thorn in Oliver's side.
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From animated shows... Peter Griffin, Roger, and sometimes Steve Smith


u missed those characters from Walking Dead andrea and sara and Shane...and from Lost i will go with Michael


I agree with some of the choices on this list, but, wow, the author does not seem to like women.


"When did this lovable goofball become such an annoying whiner?"
In the second episode! :-) He's the main reason I stopped watching the show, Just awful. But like I always say - we wouldn't have much TV to watch if there weren't so many stupid characters.


LAurel is totally annoying...#OLicity


You seem to have forgotten 2/3 of the females in The Walking Dead.


Most of these individuals, I don't know. I was expecting to see the any one from the K family... Now you know most people don't like this clown family. Plus the younger whores. Bruce needs to get his daughters away from that bunch. I believe being as most hate these people, he would probably win that one in court. Or, only allow them to talk to the oldest sister.


My TV is safe! I don't know who any of these characters are.


I've only watched a few episodes of The New Girl, but Coach was the original character meant to be in the show. It's true he only appeared in one episode: the pilot episode. Because the job was his in the first place.
I liked the guy that replaced him as much, if not more, from what little I saw, and haven't seen any of the episodes since Coach has been back. Still, the only reason he left was to work on Happy Endings, which I believe he had a prior committment to and thought it was being cancelled, then found out otherwise. Now that it IS gone, The New Girl probably wanted to give him a chance to have his spot back. Or he may still have a contract with The New Girl that is enforcable from his end, and they had no choice; who knows? Don't expect him to be going anywhere is all I'm saying.

@ Travis

Oh yeah, and Gloria Pritchett is a good pick. Sofia Vergara's voice is like nails on a chalkboard, and they think it helps to have her yell. But they probably realize exactly how annoying her voice is, and that's why they do it: because it would annoy the other characters on the show, namely Jay, in the same way it does us.


How about 12 articles that make us want to punch the writers in the face?