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Check out this list of 11 worst TV moms. We're certainly not wishing them a Happy Mother's Day.

Maya Pope
Maya Pope, Olivia Pope's mom, is a terrorist, a murderer, and just plain evil.
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Cersei didn't poison her children you idiot!
The fact that she madly loves her children is her one redeeming quality (as are her cheekbones). She would never do such a thing!
She might have terribly raised and spoiled her children but she would never have harmed them!


There's a big difference between "TV Moms" and 'real Moms' who happen to be on TV. I think it was in poor taste to list reality show Moms - Moms of real kids - in this grouping. Their poor kids deal with enough, already!


where is gemma teller from sons of anarchy???!! she killed her husband and her daughter in law plus she had a car accident because she was driving high with her grandsons.

@ Elise

Totally !!!!!!! That woman poisoned her kid's mind, killed her son's wife, drugged his ex-wife, had he first husband killed and the list goes on and on !!!!!!! She should be in the list !