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Check out these new promotional photos for the second half of Castle season 6. 

Pretty great shots, huh?

Castle Season 6 Promo Photos
In case you missed it, here's Kate Beckett in the wedding gown given to her by Matilda King. Should it be THE dress she wears when she finally walks down the aisle?
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In Case You Missed It

1. In Case You Missed It

In case you missed it, here's Kate Beckett in the wedding gown given to her by Matilda King. Should it be THE dress she wears when she finally walks down the aisle?

Beautiful in Print

2. Beautiful in Print

Lanie Parish looks absolutely beautiful in this print dress and we love the shoes!

Made For One Another

3. Made For One Another

So are Lanie and Esposito made for one another, or should they go their separate ways?

It's Unanimous

4. It's Unanimous

We think it's unanimous. We all want to see more of Dr. Lanie Parish on this season of Castle.

Exuberant Fashion Choices

5. Exuberant Fashion Choices

As much as we normally love Martha's exuberant fashion choices, we're finding these pants questionable.

Stepping In

6. Stepping In

We really do hope that Martha steps in and helps Kate with wedding plans since Beckett's own mother isn't able to fill the role.

Never Enough Martha

7. Never Enough Martha

We can never get enough Martha Rodgers. Maybe because we know she's as big a shipper of Rick and Kate as we are.

Not Sure About the Hair

8. Not Sure About the Hair

A suit vest always looks good on Det. Ryan but we're still not sure about that hair.

Kevin's Looking Serious

9. Kevin's Looking Serious

Kevin looks so serious here. We're hoping Jenny and Sarah Grace show up in Castle Season 6 to make him smile.

Fatherhood Looks Good on Him

10. Fatherhood Looks Good on Him

Fatherhood certainly looks good on Kevin Ryan. We hope to get some photos of Sarah Grace soon.

More of Esposito

11. More of Esposito

We certainly hope to get to see more of Espo in Castle Season 6. Any chance he'll end up as Castle's best man?

Det. Javier Esposito

12. Det. Javier Esposito

Det. Javier Esposito certainly looks handsome in black and red.

Who Put That Smile There?

13. Who Put That Smile There?

Is there any chance that Lanie Parish put that smile on Javier Esposito's face on Castle?

She Finally Looks Happy

14. She Finally Looks Happy

After all these years of angst, Kate Beckett finally looks happy on Castle season 6.

Dreams Come True

15. Dreams Come True

This is Rick Castle. His dreams always come true.

A Lot On His Plate

16. A Lot On His Plate

Let's face it. Planning a wedding in a few short months is no easy task but if anyone can make it happen it's Castle.

Rick's Looking Happy

17. Rick's Looking Happy

Rick Castle is looking pretty happy these days, but why shouldn't he? He's going to marry Kate Beckett, maybe as early as this spring!

Stunning in Blue

18. Stunning in Blue

No matter how you feel about Alexis, there's no doubt that she looks stunning in this blue dress.

Thinking Of Pi?

19. Thinking Of Pi?

So has Alexis really broken things off with Pi or is she still wrestling with her relationship issues on Castle season 6.

The Travails of Alexis Castle

20. The Travails of Alexis Castle

Alexis has certainly had her ups and downs this season on Castle. How are you feeling about Rick's only daughter.

Lovely in Peach

21. Lovely in Peach

Capt. Victoria Gates is looking lovely in this peach suit on Castle.

Captain Gates

22. Captain Gates

Of course if Capt. Gates sees too many public displays of affection in her precinct, we may have a problem.

A Little PDA

23. A Little PDA

A Little PDA at the precinct isnt' that bad, is it? We don't want to see anyone get fired but we wouldn't mind more displays of affection, public or otherwise on Castle.

Come On

24. Come On

Is there anyone out there that doesn't love that Rick Castle and Kate Beckett are finally engaged?

Don't Mess With Beckett

25. Don't Mess With Beckett

What criminal in their right mind would mess with kick ass Kate Beckett?

Where's the Ring?

26. Where's the Ring?

Fans keep wondering if Beckett's still wearing her engagement ring on a chain at work? We hope to see more of it as the wedding draws near.

Beckett Looking Casual

27. Beckett Looking Casual

Beckett's looking a little more casual with her jacket off. Can she get her wedding planned while still solving murders on this season of Castle?

Beckett in Her Dark Suit

28. Beckett in Her Dark Suit

Kate Beckett's ready for work at the 12th precinct on Castle season 6.

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