Pretty Little Liars Clip from "Shadow Play"

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Pretty Little Liars goes retro for "Shadow Play." Check out four sneak peeks now!

1. Pretty Little Liars Clip: Do Villains Ever Win?

Aria and Ezra are featured in this Pretty Little Liars clip. Watch them debate heroes, villains and who comes out on top.

2. Pretty Little Liars Clip: Playing Operator

Pretty Little Liars goes retro for "Shadow Play." Check out this fun sneak peek now!

3. Pretty Little Liars Clip: Resting Her Case

We go black and white for this clip from Pretty Little Liars. It is courtesy of the episode "Shadow Play."

4. Pretty Little Liars Clip: Suspicions About Shana

Questions about Shana continue to be debated on Pretty Little Liars. Watch this clip from "Shadow Play" now.

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