Pretty Little Liars Photos from "Run, Ali, Run"

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Enjoy the photos from "Run, Ali, Run," Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 6.

1. Hanna v. Ali!

Hanna v. Ali!
Hanna and Ali are going to have a conversation during "Run, Ali, Run."

2. Looking Down Her Nose

Looking Down Her Nose
Does anyone look down their nose as well as Alison DiLaurentis?

3. Looking Casual

Looking Casual
Hanna looks pretty casual talking with Ali, but we're still dying to know the topic.

4. Don't Go There

Don't Go There
Still looking down her nose, Ali doesn't look as casual as Hanna in this still from "Run, Ali, Run."

5. Hanna Listens to Ali

Hanna Listens to Ali
Hanna doesn't look overly pleased as she talks with Ali in "Run, Ali, Run."

6. Whatevs, Hanna

Whatevs, Hanna
Looks like the conversation is over, if the look on Ali's face is any indication!

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