Revenge Photos from "Addiction"

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 17 is titled "Addiction."

Get your first look at photos from the installment now.

1. Making Them Smile

Making Them Smile
Who can make both Emily and Victoria smile? Figure out the mystery on Revenge Season 3 Episode 17.

2. Pascal LeMarchal

Pascal LeMarchal
Pascal LeMarchal makes his presence known in the Hamptons. "Addiction" is the 17th episode of the show's third season.

3. Careful On That Railing

Careful On That Railing
Someone should tell Pascal to be careful on that railing. He wouldn't be the first person to fall to the floor on Revenge.

4. The Dress Is Lovely But

The Dress Is Lovely But
Victoria's dress is lovely but what is up with the big hair? This episode Revenge airs Sunday, March 30th on ABC.

5. Revenge

It appears that Pascal only has eyes for Victoria Grayson. Does he plan on spending more time in the Hamptons to get to know her better?

6. Getting Attention

Getting Attention
Well, Charlotte's choice of dress was definitely made for getting attention. Was she seeking to catch the eye of anyone in particular?

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[to Aiden] Hate is a lot like love. You can't force it. You can't fight it. You just have to embrace it when it comes along.


Upon embarking upon a path of revenge, Confucius warns that one should dig two graves. Confucius was right. The second of the two graves was meant for me. I was only saved by my father's infinite love. I know now that revenge only brings darkness. I couldn't see the light until I considered my father's advice to try and forgive. It's not easy but my father once said that nothing worth doing ever is. Well, with one exception.