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The Originals is ready to take us back to 1919, while also unleashing a new threat on present day New Orleans.

Scroll through photos from "Dance Back from the Grave" now.

The Originals Photos from "Dance Back from th Grave"
We're back in 1919 on The Originals. And don't Klaus, Elijah and Marcel clean up well?
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The Originals in 1919

1. The Originals in 1919

We're back in 1919 on The Originals. And don't Klaus, Elijah and Marcel clean up well?

Rebekah in 1919

2. Rebekah in 1919

Yes, Rebekah was always this pretty. Check out a photo of The Original way back in 1919.

Marcel in 1919

3. Marcel in 1919

Marcel is a returning soldier. The Originals has flashed back to 1919 for this scene.

Eyeing Rebekah

4. Eyeing Rebekah

Marcel eyes a beautiful Rebekah in this scene from The Originals. Isn't it fun to flashback?

Klaus and Marcel Flashback

5. Klaus and Marcel Flashback

Klaus and Marcel used to be total best friends. Here they are in 1919, for example.

A Resurrected Witch

6. A Resurrected Witch

This witch means trouble. He has been brought back to life by Sabine. Errr, by Celeste, we mean.

Dangerous Party Crasher

7. Dangerous Party Crasher

This is a scene from 1919. We flash back to that era on The Originals episode "Dance Back to the Grave."

Very Dapper Klaus

8. Very Dapper Klaus

Welcome to his party! Klaus is dressed to The Nines in this Originals flashback.

In 1919...

9. In 1919...

It's just like old times on The Original. Actually, it is old times! We flash back here to 1919.

Darkness in The Big Easy

10. Darkness in The Big Easy

Trouble is very much afoot on The Originals. This is a photo from "Dance Back from the Grave."

Dead Walkers

11. Dead Walkers

Is Celeste responsible for this scene? Two vampires are dead in The Big Easy.

Klaus in Prayer?

12. Klaus in Prayer?

Is Klaus praying?!? We somehow doubt it. This is a scene from The Originals episode "Dance Back from the Grave."

Trouble in New Orleans

13. Trouble in New Orleans

Klaus is facing a new enemy on The Originals. A witch is trying to take over New Orleans.

Call Me Celeste

14. Call Me Celeste

Don't call her Sabine! We now know this Originals witch is actually Celeste.

Klaus in a Tux

15. Klaus in a Tux

Looking dapper, Klaus! We're back in 1919 for this scene from The Originals.

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