The Vampire Diaries Photos from "Gone Girl"

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The Vampire Diaries  airs "Gone Girl" on Thursday, March 6.

Cycle through a number of photos from the episode now.

1. The Vampire Diaries Gang

The Vampire Diaries Gang
Okay, Vampire Diaries people. Stop. Listen up. Katherine has something to say.

2. A TVD Gathering

A TVD Gathering
Tyler is at the center of this Vampire Diaries scene. We don't see the characters gather together very often such as this.

3. Staring Down Katherine

Staring Down Katherine
Damon stares down Katherine in this intense Vampire Diaries scene, which is courtesy of the episode "Gone Girl."

4. Damon Salvatore Photograph

Damon Salvatore Photograph
Damon does not look pleased in this Vampire Diaries photo. He's pictured here in "Gone Girl."

5. Kat Pierce Picture

Kat Pierce Picture
Katherine has been at the center of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 for many episodes now.

6. Katherine Holds Court

Katherine Holds Court
Katherine has something to tell the group. This is a scene from the TVD episode "Gone Girl."

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