Vampire Diaries Photos from "No Exit"

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The Vampire Diaries features a road trip on the episode "No Exit." Click through photos from the episode now.

1. Down Goes Damon!

Down Goes Damon!
Damon is down. But he isn't out! This is a scene from The Vampire Diaries episode "No Exit."

2. Damon in Chains

Damon in Chains
Damon is captured and far from happy in this Vampire Diaries image. Will he be able to break free?

3. Evil Enzo

Evil Enzo
Oh, Enzo. This Vampire Diaries character has not been a positive influence on Damon at all.

4. Ice Cold Enzo

Ice Cold Enzo
Uh-oh. Enzo has blood on his shirt in this TVD scene. That can't b a good sign.

5. Impersonating Elena

Impersonating Elena
Katherine has that evil smirk on her face here. Be careful, Stefan.

6. Angry Nadia

Angry Nadia
Don't make Nadia mad, people. You won't like her when she's mad.

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