It's a Red wedding on The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 17 as Tom and Liz attempt to get to married. But a case involving Mr. Solomon could throw a wrench into those plans.
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On DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10 Rip's plan to kill a ruthless dictator before he can launch Vandal Savage into a position of power doesn't work out. Read on.
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On Arrow Season 4 Episode 18, the truth about Andy Diggle is revealed with devastating results, including the release of Darhk and 50 inmates from prison.
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The drama continued to heat up on Empire Season 2 Episode 12 as two characters may just have been killed! We have the full review for you after the jump!
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On NCIS Season 13 Episode 20, the team has to unravel a case involving men who impersonate Tony to extort cash from senators. Read our review for more!
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