On Graceland: Briggs and Mike attempt to beat the clock and each other to the one piece of evidence that could take the investigation into the disappearance and death of Juan Badillo to new heights and even greater tension. Who made it there first?
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On Wilfred: Ryan was in trouble with Jenna, he ran into trouble with his dad and, as always, Wilfy got him into the most trouble on the season finale of Wilfred.
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It's election day on Royal Pains, but can the campaign keep clean even till the last minute? Read our review of "A Trismus Story" now to find out if Evan managed to pull out the win.
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On Suits this week, Harvey, Mike and Jessica pull together to save Ava from a murder conviction and place Stephen Huntley in their sights to take the blame, but was he one step ahead the whole time?
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On Mistresses, the judge delivers his verdict in Grey vs. Kim, while Joss deals with the fallout from her night with Olivier. Also, Savi gets closer to Dom just as she finds out about Harry's financial woes.
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