The residual feelings after the death of Jeremy are still wreaking havoc with Denise, Frank, Claudia Joy and Roland. Roxy is still in family protection mode, certain that she must provide in the event Trevor never makes it home. The formerly married Morans enjoy every free minute as they revel in resurrecting their relationship.
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With a few murder attempts and the Borgias in need of money, there was plenty of action in this week's episode. To see what worked and what didn't, check out the review!
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The CSIs are helped by Lady Heather in the death of a woman found beaten and mauled by a mountain lion. Nick sought justice for a teen that committed suicide after being cyber-bullied.
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This week's episode found Booth and Brennan investigating the death of a PHD Candidate, and Brennan sharing the investigation with a scorned podiatrist. Did they manage to solve the case? Find out in our review!
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This week's Nikita episode was one for the 'shippers. Find out what we mean in our review of "Covenants" now!
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