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Is Addison pregnant? That's what this promo for next week's Private Practice implies!
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YOu know I was actually thinking that as I watched the episode. OMG is Addy preggers... no maybe it's just a false alarm.. BUT I SO WANT IT TO BE REAL


I disagree with Caitlyn. I think the fact that Addison was grieving for so long over bizzy's death might have something to do with the pregnancy. Addison is usually not that emotional over things. especially things reguarding her family. my thinking is that her excessive emotions were caused by hormones due to pregnancy and the thing with naomi and Sam Addison never really found out the details at least as far as we knew onscreen. so i don't think that is a real factor. and the issue with Shonda saying that there wouldn't be an AddiSam baby this season may have just been to keep us on our toes to keep us from bugging her all season. I hope this doesn't turn out as Caitlyn thinks it will. I understand her point of view but i sincerely hope she is wrong.


Based on the promo, I'm not really looking forward to Addison's story. Simply because I think it's not a good transition from her grieving Bizzy's death. Another reason is because after what happened with Sam and Naomi plus Addison finding out about it, the timing seems off in their relationship. I'd expect some form of turmoil between the two before they even talk about having a baby again, etc. And lastly, I just don't want to see Addison more tragic than she is now because we all know she's not going to be pregnant (based on Shonda herself saying there won't be an AddiSam baby this season). For me, this episode might just be another situation to make Addison feel worse and she doesn't need that.

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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Auntie Amelia - Even though you divorced my brother, I'm still going to be your kid's aunt, right?


Amelia: Are you late?
Addison: Yes, but I can't be. You don't think...
Amelia: You're preggers! This is awesome.