You need to dig deeper, Lorraine, for your daughter. You wanted to be a mother, and now you are one. If you believe that you can be a good parent to that little girl, then you will be, but you need to believe it. You need to be willing to do anything to protect her because parenthood is a fight - you have to be willing to get in it.


Sheldon: All I'm saying is you were harsh. Violet's a friend, and you hurt her feelings.
Marla: It's cute you're so protective of her.
Sheldon: All right me being called cute - No man likes to be called cute.
Marla: I can think of worse things to call you.
Sheldon: What kind of therapist specializes in insults?

I understand that you can't choose who you fall in love with, but you can choose to be honest.


Pete: Life isn't a cheap romance novel. You know, it's supposed to be about making a commitment and honoring it.
Addison: Sometimes. Then, other times...for other people, it's about passion.

Auntie Amelia - Even though you divorced my brother, I'm still going to be your kid's aunt, right?


Amelia: Are you late?
Addison: Yes, but I can't be. You don't think...
Amelia: You're preggers! This is awesome.

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