Bedroom Plotting

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This is a great scene from "Children of the Damned." In it, Damon plots with Stefan and Elena... while the latter two are in bed.

i loved whan elena and stephon in bed together but when damon walked in i was like get out my rooom damon especialy when elena was naked that was the perfect show.


haha lol i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv the vampire diaries now even more than twilight-i'm team jacob


if i see something i haven't seen before i'll throw a dollar @ it! that is so Damon! i love him he is my boo!!!


omg its just like damon to interrupt something but if i had the disision i wud just take damon and stefan and throw them both on top of me hahaha sooo sexy and damons adittude is sooo damn sexy i cant stad it haha


its nothing like the book but it is good.all the extra things they add has nothing to do with the book but its awesome!


yet another book the americans have RUINED lol

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