Bones 'The Don't in the Do' Clip - Sweets and Booth

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Sweets tries to pry info out of Booth, as usual, in this clip from the April 16, 2012 episode of Bones.
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Gosh do u really care so much about wat rereads think? Honestly if i were to have a blog i wouldn't bother what those rereads comment. Cos first of all we are the one blogging so we are in CONTROL and why u blog? if i blog i would treat it as a diary something that i can remember of maybe in 5 years later? But if u really want to know if u are being personal or not then the answer is YES. Being personal or not that's not our call it's YOUR CALL. Just be yourself if they can't take it then just let it be. We cannot pls everyone. Nobody's perfect. But at least we should pls ourself =)

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Good luck. I hope I don't have to fire you.

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